The unique female causative agent Lady Era is designed to return sensuality and pleasure from intimacy to each woman

The unique female causative agent Lady Era is designed to return sensuality and pleasure from intimacy to each woman

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It operates reliably in the following cases:
– chronic fatigue;
– in the absence of sexual desire due to the use of antidepressants;
– after taking strong antibiotics, reducing sexual desire.

The drug Lady Era is presented in the form of tablets, safe to use and suitable for females of any age.
It is based on plant biocomponents.
Having taken a small pill, a woman will feel ready to receive vivid sexual impressions and will be able to enjoy intimacy within a few hours.

Product description
The principle of action of the female Generic Women’s Viagra 50 mg is that the genital organs significantly infuse blood, which serves to increase sexual arousal. Generic Women’s Viagra 50 mg is recommended for those women who are sexually experiencing problems.

It is widely known that Viagra is now being used very actively, this miraculous drug has helped many men who have had an active sexual life. But many forget about the existence of women’s Viagra, no less effective, but not so popular.

If a woman wants to fully experience her desires, become confident in sexual life, you need to test the action of female Viagra.

Mode of application
Use the drug can be about one hour before the onset of sexual activity. For most patients, a dose of 50 mg is recommended, but it can be increased or decreased depending on the effectiveness of the drug and its tolerability. Above 100 mg and more than once a day, you can not use Viagra. If there are abnormalities of renal function, for example, such as mild and moderate renal failure, it is not necessary to adjust the dose. In severe renal failure, it is necessary to reduce the dose to 25 mg, since excretion of sildenafil from the liver can damage it.

The preparation should be stored in its packaging at room temperature. It is necessary to protect it from heat, light and moisture, as well as from small children.

Some patients may be endowed with hypersensitivity to sildenafil or other components of the drug. It is also not recommended to use together with other possible means for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in males or similar problems in women, since the possible results of such interactions and combinations are not fully understood.

You can not use Viagra also for patients who constantly or from time to time receive organic nitrates, nitrites or donators of nitric oxide. The fact is that the sildenafil component can enhance the hypotensive nitrate effect.

With caution take this drug people with diseases that predispose to the development of priapism – it can be multiple myeloma, thrombocythemia, leukemia, sickle cell anemia. The same applies to diseases accompanied by heavy bleeding, exacerbation of peptic ulcer, pigmentary hereditary retinitis, heart failure, arterial hypertension.

If the patient has suffered a heart attack in the last six months, taking this medication is also not recommended.

It is forbidden to use Viagra for children under the age of 18 years.

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